Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There seems to be alot goin on with the designing of frame drop outs and such

we have the new company cardnal bikes.. hook style drop out so your frame sits on the axle of the rear hub which i think is a good idea for peg riders but not so good for pegless because it seems to hook down towards the grind area, but we dont have to worrie bout that over here at da FoOhHate we on that grind.
we have the new stolen bikes taper drop out lock that keeps the axle in place wit out fully tighting down the bolts but u do have to tightn them.. pretty good idea if i say so myself . i used to have alot of proablems wit my wheel moving..
which brings me to the third design thats been out for a while now..the intergrated chain tentioner.. on the sunday 2nd wave frame(which they have at fastbike shop for only $220) and Ian Sig. frame that i have now, my wheel hasnt sliped once and after a whole day of ice picks that would usually have me slamin my wheel back in place with a pole or ledge, my wheel is perfectly straight. Viva Sunday Drop outs!


  1. 1. The Cardinal design is probably worse if you're running pegs, instead of being pegless. What happens if you hang up on an upright?

    2. Seems a lot better than the old Nirve design, with the ribbed dropouts/spacers.

    3. Sunday may be the only company doing that now, but integrated tensioners like that have been around for days. I almost got a Dragonfly Tech frame with a similar setup in 2001 or 2002.

  2. I agree with Beerman. The cardinal design is one of those desing meant to fail, just like the flybikes cobra inner tubes.

  3. on that cardinal drop out if your running pegs that hook" wouldnt get in the way because like the smaller drop outs that companys are making today it dont get any where close to touching beacause of peg takin up the majority of the space for grinding

    i know the intergrated chain tentions been out for a while. like i said in the post fly does it to right now.

    beerman go half cab into a bank or something.

  4. I'm not saying that the hook is going to get in the way. I'm saying that there's going to be no give if you hang up on a rail.

  5. what you know about hittin rails.


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