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Issue 1

El parques 3 & Brokeless 4 filming in progress.

Vic Fast plant
Rob Barspin
Rob Barspin
Sam Table
Josh Nose manual
Rob Barspin
Brokeless 4
Aaron Barspin

Heber free parking

Hog Shit Rides Richmond Rumble gallery By Derek Dudek 

"A few months back the homies and I talked about throwing a real street jam, no skate parks, all spots. We had been a part of a few jams earlier in the year but nothing like what we gonna do on our own. Decided on Richmond, a fitting location as that's where the Hogshit tradition started a few years back. Richmond is part hood, part industrial, part marina - perfect terrain of plazas, ledges and loading docks.  "

"With help from our friends and bmx network, close to 100 riders showed up from all over the state and surrounding areas. (Shoutout to the dudes from Reno making the trip!) Everyone came through, lent a hand, had a few beers and hopefully enjoyed what was probably the best jam we could have imagined. People are already asking when's the next one!? We'll see, some of us are still recovering..."

-Derek Dudek.

Click here to view full gallery.

Robs 20th birthday Jam at Stonegate skatepark.
Rob's 20th 
Pablo Whip
Donghoh Slider
Cody Table air 

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