Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bike Check/interview:Steven Landrum

Frame: pump up the volume to 81
Fork: shit blades
Bars: bling bling
Grips: odi long nokkaz
Barends: plugs
Headset: FSA
Seat: grey
Seat post: aminizzle
Seat clamp:?
Cranks: primo hollow
Sprocket: fbm
Chain: Shadow blk
Brakes: my shit dont break
Pegs: 3
Front Tire: FIT FAF
Front Wheel: ? hub to odsy
Rear Tire: Animal GLH-R
Rear Wheel: awsome shadow hub odsy rim
Hub Guard: fbm
Pedals: shitty

beat that shit like it owes me money

now get ya ass to fast bikes and buy that shit...

What’s your name, age and where are you from?

im steven im 18 and im from san jose east side

Who do you ride for?

avant garde and psykopath?

street park or dirt?

i fucks wit it all but i mostly hit them streets like my ol lady

favorate fast food?

shit son dairy bell ya know its just fuckin delicious

favorate street spot?

i cant say but to throw one thats blown up out there m.p.

why did you start riding bikes?

because its fun

your average riding day?

wake n bake around noon shower drink a beer (funny thing is i know hes not joking) watch married with children get the call to go ride usually plata do the same six tricks dialed as fuck drink another beer then go party

how often do you get hammered?

every chance i get

why did they call you caveman? and why did they stop?

i used to have long ass hair and they stoped because i cut it

you have all these box jump tricks why do you like street the most?

cuz im a hood nigga

favorate beer?

sierra nevada or budweiser perferably out of a beer bong for extra hammerage

how long have you been riding for?

bout four solid years

favorate rider besides you?

shit son id have to give it to butcher

least favorate rider?

you know who you are elliott

you to corey

whens the next video coming out?

it will probably be out in a month or so keep your eyes open

so if you win warriors of wood your throwing a $15000 party?

hell yeah im gettin the whole hood fucked up

finally if you can have a celebrity girlfriend who would it be?

hannah montana

any shout outs?

yeah my moms my pops my homiez ving down at dianas market for not giving a fuck about ids fast bike for hookin it up every once in a while sike nikka bounce


  1. its here folks the interview bike check you all been waiting for

  2. fuck steven landrum i teach him everything he knows, all i gotta do is say ill buy you tall can and a butrrito from lacosta!


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