Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ratimas New Bike Check

Frame: Cardinal Ambassador v2
Fork: Primo Kamakazi
Bars: Primo Sam Lowe
Stem: Cardinal LG
Grips: ODI longneck
Barends: Cardinal Polyurethane
Headset: Animal
Seatpost: Primo
Seat: Animal Nigel
Cranks: Cardinal Prototype
Sprocket: Animal Vinnie
Chain: KMC 510
Front Tire: Animal Tom White Wall
Front Wheel: Primo n4 with Primo rim
Rear Tire: Animal Tom White Wall
Rear Wheel: Primo Mix Cassette hub with Primo rim
Pedals: Integral
Hub Guard: Neal Wood special from when he was at S&M.

More Pics @ http://bmx.transworld.net/1000141137/features/jackson-ratima-bike-check-2/

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