Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lil' Bryan Denniston

Recently turned 13 Years young, Teenage ripper out of Gilroy, California...

B r y a n D e n n i s t o n

Lil' Bryan D. has been on a bike for just a couple years. The kid is doing barspins over everything! Doing Truck-drivers for Breakfast! and if that wasn't enough, He's also Blasting transition, hitting technical footjam variations, and chucking tailwhips in his sleep. With that said, I can only imagine what this kid is going to be busting in a few years...

Check him out, Maybe even hook him up with a Sponsor or some Flow. He has earned every bit. One of the last things I can say about this kid... He falls hard? oh well... He'll get the trick done!

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