Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bunny Hop competition in Puebla, Mexico.

So yesterday was the bunny hop competition in my city, Puebla mexico at the bmx store "ZUBICI". The reason why is because two riders from the team Xtreme bike http://www.xtremebike.com.mx/ are doing a tour. the competition went good. i got to meet the two riders. Both were pretty cool and good riders. The competition only counted for the local riders the guys from the team only hopped for fun. Without counting zury brmbila (xtremebike rider) i took the first place.

Here are some photos of the competition.
After the competition the team, local riders and I, went to xonaca our local skatepark.
The team riders did some creazy stuff.. flair on a 3 foot bank. big turndown on a gap transfer and other stuff.
An update with more pictures will be up soon.

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