Thursday, April 1, 2010

So here it is

On April 10th of 2010 ODI STRET CREW will be taking a trip from Visalia, Ca. to Reno, NV. Six of us will hit up Skateparks all the way up to Reno and back. We will be filming the locals riding with the CREW and be posting 5 videos. Each video will be from each stop and will be posted weekly on here EXCLUSIVELY. The first video will be posted on May 3rd and will drop every Monday of May. We will have a bunch of free product to be handed out and some exclusive stuff solely for this trip.
The Land is Ours!

10th – 10am Viaslia, Ca. Skatepark
11th – 10am San Jose, Ca. Plato Arroyo Skatepark
17th – 10am Reno, Nv. Mira Loma Skatepark
18th – 10am Sacramento, Ca. Rush Skatepark
19th – 5pm Fresno, Ca. Bike park

Raul Ruiz
Eric Lichtenberger
George Ramirez
Justin Henninger
Larry Alvarado
Jackson Ratima

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