Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exclusive FourOhate interview: Elliott Negron

1. we know you havent been riding as much .. what happened to your leg?
yeah, i got a grade 2 tear to my mcl and water in my knees. fuckkkeddd.
2.what have you been doing now that your mcLimpster?
depending on how my knee feels i try to go out and ride around but the swelling is ridculous and hurts like a bitch. so usually doing my school work and crashing high school parties haha.
3. now that your the example of how not to do tuck no handers.. do you still think that gay ass trick is cool?

FUCK YOU! haha I was like 13 and used to throw them down WOW.
4.current bike set up.?
its black with chrome bars, a gyro and has 21tt. dialed.
5. if you were completely healed where would you ride first.?
since ive got hurt im always thinking about riding new spots or find them around my area, so when im back wanna ride oscars mini, scottys, plata. Ill be set.
6. where your sponsers at ho?
no sponsors. thanks ron(2HIP) for hookin it up!
7. wheres your web edits?
I plan on filming for one once im back riding but that could take from 3-6 months=[
8. when do you think your be down with the streets and stop the ramp bulshit?
Fuck you David. I do ride street alot actually, just we ride Plata just about everyday dumbass. Dont hate!
9. coco puffs or rice crispys?
fool coocoo for coco puffs dawg!
10. what side do you rep?
Dark Side Bitch!
11. fav. beer?
Corona,Budweiser and good ol Blue Ribbon!
12. fav. trick?
13. you better ride hells on wheels or your a bitch. late!
when is it? hahaNov.1st

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