Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New sunday frame leaked.

Looks a bit odd but this aint a bmx beauty show. shits sick and stronger.

Heres Jim C's response to adam22's leakage,
As always Adam is good at leaking info that he shouldn’t. As most of you know, Sunday is always trying new and inventive ways to improve a BMX bike’s performance. Which is why other companies are heat treating frames, copying our hollow dropouts, doing angled brake mounts and using Black Magic rustproof coating on their parts. There’s stuff we do that we can’t even say because it will get copied. We made a few samples of Funday’s and Wave’s with the waved top tube because the wave downtube has been proven so strong. Why not improve the strength of the whole front end by using a stronger top tube? The current Second Wave and Funday frames are easily the toughest frame we’ve done so far. Jake has only been on this frame for a few days now, so there’s many more months of testing to be done with it. The earliest you might see this would be late spring of 2010. As always Sunday will continue to design and make products that will fit the rider’s needs.
jim c

PS The wishbone is the same wishbone that has been proven on the Second Wave, Ian Schwartz and Fundays. Basically it works.

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