Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What? This is not a 2Hip! New Bike Check

No more 2Hip for me. Its official.
But got a new frame made in the fucking usa. light bike again, its fucking over.

Frame: 21' Fit S3
Fork: Odsy Classic Dirt
Bars: S&M Slam XLT
Stem: Fit Reg
Grips: ODI Longnecks old as fuck!
Barends: Fly Nylon
Headset: FSA
Seat: Macniel Fatttttyee!
Seat post: Macniel stumpyeeee!
Seat clamp:Animal
Cranks: Profile BITCH!
Sprocket:Animal Lite 25t v.2
Chain: some rainbow shit
Brakes:Vans Half Cabs
Pegs: 2 Animal OG
Front Tire: FIT FAF Kevlar
Front Wheel: Proper ol faithful! shits old!
Rear Tire: Fit FAF Kevlar
Rear Wheel: odsy v.3 complete shit
Hub Guard: nope
Pedals: odsy plastics

Modifications/Other/Extras: cutbars/axles/steertube, rawed out and minimum stickers for light weight! hahaha


  1. whips the wrong way on street wah wah wah
    before the only two actual street riders in sj that got whips.. PROPS NIGLET

  2. now you can be as awesome as me


hate hate hate